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A warm welcome…

     Ah there you are my friend, please, pull up a pew and let us talk a while, well at least until the day’s chores call us away. I wonder what brings you to sit here in my company? Perhaps you know me from another place, or maybe a friend mentioned that you may enjoy my company for a time or perhaps you have just stumbled upon me whilst upon your life’s journey? No matter though as you are most welcome to sit there and while away some time, after all nothing is so important that it cannot be left till a later time. I sometimes think that was a bane of my life, always rushing around finishing tasks and trying to please friends, family, neighbours and even strangers. Saying yes to every request for help no matter how trivial or major and hence never having time for myself. I would fit a kitchen or a bedroom for friend, help a neighbour haul a mountain of rubbish to the tip or dig their baked clay garden over for them and so on. The more I did for folk the more they asked of me and it became a ‘catch 22’ situation where ‘good old Mawrth’ would never let a soul down and could be relied upon to complete any task without quibble, payment or favour in return. I will ask you this my friend, do you think that I was well thought of & respected for what I did or was I a soft hearted tool that was there to  be used to ease everyone else’s lives and burdens? The answer is not as straightforward as you may at first perceive with many different factors having to be taken into account but I shall leave you with just one point to ponder and that is what do you think happened and what were people’s reactions when I suddenly stopped and said ‘no’ to the requests with no reason given except that I was not able to help?

     Well it appears that time has caught up with me and that I must ask your leave as the trails are a calling to me and this is one call that I still answer ‘yes’ to, there’s a bridge that needs crossing and hopefully there will be no troll underneath it hoping to make a meal from my well covered bones. What was that? oh I have not answered my own question that I put to you? I am sorry but I will have to pass on that but I hope to meet you here again someday, put please feel free to tarry a little longer and give some thought to my words, after all there is always tomorrow to finish your chores for others.





2 thoughts on “A warm welcome…

  1. I have also been re-evaluating the necessary but not innerly fruitful things I must do or have been in the habit of doing, and am beginning to let go of those. It’s an interesting process.

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    • It is an interesting process, surprising how refreshing it can be Megan. I have found that not having to worry about pleasing so many people takes the weight off one’s shoulders.


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