About myself…

     I am not too sure when writing an ‘about’ page, it does seem as if one is blowing one’s own trumpet does it not? But then, on the other side of a coin, it would also feel quite rude of me if I did not introduce myself to you being as you have taken the time to stop by and read my words. Oh what the hell, a little trumpet blowing cannot do too much harm after all, but where in Hades do I begin?  Mmmmm let’s see now…

      Well to kick off I am not a religious person until that is I hit my thumb with a hammer and suddenly my language may be termed very religious,  or at the least somewhat colourful. I guess that there is too much suffering in our species and to much wanton destruction of this living planet we call home for me to believe in a benign & divine deity  overlooking and taking care of us all. Having said this I do have a penchant for the Norse gods of old, Thor, Loki, Odin and the rest of the merry bunch of giant fighting lords of Valhalla. There is just raw and primitive that draws me to them and their sagas, I guess I may have some nordic blood in me from somewhere or rather somebody.      

     Now obviously ‘Mawrth’ is not my real name nor is the name that I have listed in my profile, but a little mystery would not go astray for the writer of tales would it? A pseudonym, or alas, could be used for all sorts of reasons to defer the knowledge of a person’s true identity. Perhaps I am wanted by law enforcement agencies across the globe? maybe, just maybe, I have sowed my ‘wild oats’ once to often and there is an angry husband wishing to have a quiet word with me?  or perhaps there is a bounty on my head regarding the incident with the camel, a mongoose & an arabian princess? Or perhaps I just fancied a change of title under which to write my words? Whatever the reason I quite like the air of mystery a pseudonym may create.

As for my likes? well there are few things in life that stir my soul than walking on storm kissed beaches alongside an angry sea, churning & howling in all its raw strength & majesty, or treading through ancient woodlands and listening to the trees talking in a gentle breeze about my passing, sitting with my back against a tree, post or boulder and just watching nature pass by hardly noticing the intruder in its midst, following deserted trails upon sun soaked mountains as the warm summer’s rain washes my upturned face or simply watching in silence the dancing flames of warming fire on a cold winter’s night. Such things may seem to you as simple and unimportant, but to me they sooth my soul and breathe hope into my oft troubled mind.

My hopes for the future? well to travel more and meet friends not yet met, to help this living planet ease it’s pain & reduce our species effects upon it, and to walk, sail and just live a more fulfilling life. 

And finally;- I am a rotund & bearded welshman who has now seen a half century of summers, I live in a small village in the North East of Wales with my beloved partner, I struggle with depression, I enjoy simple cooking and simple fare, the only children I have are my two dogs and I have a penchant for homemade apple pie and hot custard.

     So there you are my friend, not an open book I grant you but enough to be getting along with for now I feel. Of course if you wish to know more then perhaps you’ll discover that in the words of this blog…



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